Thursday, November 5, 2015


Yesterday I was in a lot of pain. I could understand why because I really haven't been over doing. Then last night it began to rain, and rain and this morning it's still raining. 
Don't you love it when your body is better at telling the weather than the weatherman 
It's nice it raining. A steady constant fall. It's giving my garden some much needed moisture and I'm sure everything is really enjoying it 
Except for me.  I'm in bed with pain. 
Oh well gotta accept the good with the bad I guess. 
What's the weather doing at your place? 
See ya 


  1. Sorry for your pain. :(
    Barometric changes hurt me too. Years ago it started with one big toe. Has progressed to practically every joint in my body.
    Weather report: Cloudy w/chance of rain for most days, is slightly warmer than normal, but that doesn't help the drear. Gloomiest autumn in my recollection.

  2. Ohhhh you poor thing! Feel better soon!!!

  3. Guess what Angela - here it is 9.30pm and the rain has finally stopped. Oh as well as the usual sort of rain we had the most torrential downpour to keep it company this afternoon. I felt so sorry for the ladies at Flemington on Ladies Day.

  4. You probably recall that I too live with pain, but I can never be sure how much the weather affects it. I do know that it has rained a lot here, and that my pain level has gone through the roof, but this happens too inconsistently for me to make any conclusions about it.