Sunday, December 11, 2016

A little bit of prevention

This is a water fountain for cats. 
Not it doesn't spurt water high into the air 
But gently reticulates it keeping it fresh and aerated 

Last week. While brushing Agatha I notice she had a little "dandruff" 
He fur has also been feeling funny in that area as well. Just on her back at the base of her tail 
I checked for fleas and I treated everyone for fleas, as I do every month and I couldn't see any

So I got onto google and found out that it could be from lack of water
I do know. She is very fussy with the water. And will meow at me at least once every few days telling me she didn't like the stuff in the water dish 

I do change it every day. But sometimes by the end of the day she just won't drink it. So I have to give her fresh stuff 
Anyway this water fountain keeps it moving. And it has a filter as well

So this week. I have noticed she is drinking more, there is more wee in the kitty litter. And her fur is starting to feel nice and soft again 
If this hadn't worked. The we would of been to the vets to test for diabetes 

Looks like this won't be necessary now 
It wasn't cheap, but it at $70.00. It was th cheapest one there 
Money well spent I think 
I'm very happy. She is happy
See ya xxx



  1. Ziggy our cat is real picky how is water is served.
    Coffee is on

  2. Tacky will drink from anywhere. She's kinda like a 'rag lady' cat and a bit of a bum.