Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Getting my mojo back

Today I found some wonderful art for the backyard fences 
I think this wall is done now. It really needed something in the  middle.

This dragonfly is perfect I think for in here. It blends in well and when we play I spy with melody, when she is a little older, 
This one will be hard to find 
Two more dragonflies. I love them! 
And I did it all myslef. I used power tools and I had to find the right size screws for the job 
Pretty chuffed. Who needs men lol 
I also bought these fairies. They are solar and their wings will light up at night. Their solar panels are on the back so I'm not sure where they 
Will go. I've got them here charging for now. I'm sure I'll find somewhere for them 
So I've been busy today pottering around. Did a little more shopping for hubby's Christmas presents and as we have a baby coming soon 
Our wonderful worker terry and his partner are expecting their second child any day now, I went out baby shopping too 
It's a wonderful time here right now 
Hope your having a wonderful time too 
See ya xxx 


  1. Love them, love them, love them! What wonderful wall art. Wish I could find something similar here . I love garden gnomes too. Dragonflies are called 'livaloolies' in greek. Love that word.

  2. Oh! I love the Butterflies and Dragonflies! How very cool! I'd love them on our garage. Cute fairies, I wouldn't know where to put them, myself though.

  3. The fairies are just the cutest! I love the word livehloolehs too. They're all so pretty! Your garden must be so Beautiful!

  4. Wow, your backyard fence look amazing!!! I really likes all the decorations you found. Love the Dragonflies and the pretty Fairies. You did a great job with all of them!!!

  5. I love your fence art. As for who needs men, when Peggy retired, she took on unstopping the bathroom drain, a task that must be done about every four months. I was delighted because I don’t like doing it, and I do like for her to be able to do such things in case I should become unable to. Recently, she had a leak when she put things back together, so she threw up her hands and called me to fix it. Oh, well, leaks can be frustrating.

    1. Lol yes. We do need men. I have to admit the boys at the shed helped me with the setting up of the cordless drill as. Had never used that one before.
      So I guess we will keep you guys around for a bit longer xx

    2. Peggy also had me hold her hand during a painful medical procedure this week. It's the kind of thing that a guy wouldn't have asked a woman to do, but I respected the fact that Peggy could do and not fear (or even care about) a loss of face before her male doctor.

  6. Your new art pieces are delightful Angela and good on you for putting them up yourself! Shopping for babies is SO much fun isn't it? 😉😄😄

  7. I've seen some pretty cool decorated fences.

    Coffee is on

  8. Lovely Angela! When you mentioned your solar lights in a later post I didn't realise how gorgeous they were! Love them all, will look beautiful :D)