Saturday, December 17, 2016

One down. A couple to go

Here we are all set up for our work Christmas BBQ 
Our boys, their partners and their kids were here today so we could just have good food, a few drinks and a 
Lots of laughs

Both couple have a little girl each and one couple are expecting their second baby any day now!
It's all very exciting
So presents were giving to the little ones, and they had a ball running around and playing 
While the adults just relaxed 
I always love this day
Didn't get any pics of everyone here. I was busy just having a lovely time 

A few more Christmas dinners to enjoy,
The diet is going to get a bit of a beating. 
Lots of walking in my future I think lol 
See ya xxx



  1. Sounds like a wonderful event. So glad you all had fun in warm environment. BBq sound yummy!

    1. The weather was funny today. It was sunny. But the wind was cool
      BBQ is the easiest. And it's always yummy xx

  2. A perfect Aussie family day! You've got a nice outside area there. Enough room for a bit of greek dancing too lol

  3. I envy your outdoor space! Yes with two little girls, the fun and enjoyment has just begun. Perfect days don't have calories ...

  4. Wow, what a great place you had for your entertaining! I try to imagine Xmas with nice weather, but it's a little hard.

  5. Hi Angela, you've a perfect spot for a barbie and the weather's been nice so far - not too many hot days. Have a lovely Christmas and, yes, there's quite a few of us who'll have to pull on the walking shoes too! Best wishes to you and yours :D)