Friday, December 9, 2016

A nice surprise

I often get lots of emails from various people trying to sell me stuff. 
I get one regularly from the  kindle store department of amazon 
Usually I just delete them. But this time this title caught my eye 
Anyone that knows me. Knows I'm fascinated by anything to do with the Second World War. Not normally the actual fighting. But how people 
Lived and survived 
This story is about five woman and how they all end up working in a munitions factory making bombs for the men on the front line 
I instantly downloaded it and for alnly four dollars more it also came as an audio book 
I'm on chapter 12 and I'm hooked. 
It's really well written and I love the characters. 
I might have found a whole new series of books for me to listen to and read 
The weather is still cold and wet. So I'm under a blanket on th couch listening to the audio book 
It's so cold even my hands are hurting. So this is perfect for me today 
Anyone else found a gem by accident? 
See ya xxx



  1. I have, also some duds. Happy to hear you have an interesting book to cuddle up with now that you have an icky weather spell.

  2. Can't believe it's still so cold down there. Wonderful when you find a book that keeps you reading like that.....under the covers. I often download free books and most of them are rubbish but now and again I find a gem....usually something I wouldn't have normally considered reading....

  3. It sounds like my kind of book! I loved the English TV series called Home Fires but I read somewhere that they are not making a third series...despite all these 'cliffhangers' at the end of Series 2 🙁

    1. Oh no. That's not right. They should finish it off. Even if it's a movie length episode to tie up lose ends.
      I was going to look for it. But I don't think I'll bother if this is true :(

    2. We've started watching the U.K. show Land Girls about a group of women who did farm work for the war effort. Apparently the British government introduced conscription for females when things got tough and as well as the army, navy, Air Force they could choose the Land Army and farm...hard work though. I'm enjoying it the series. ( the girls gave Bruce some Netflix gift cards for Xmas and that's what we're watching through).