Sunday, December 25, 2016

Hot, dam hot!

Christmas morning and it's hot already 
I, going to my sister in laws house so I won't be here to check on the pets for a few hours 


So we have moved the birds to where they can get any nice southerly breezes 

And given them an ice block each to keep them cool and provide constant cool water 

The dogs water has been brought in under cover and has had heaps of ice added.  Again to keep it cool while I'm not here to do it 

And the chickens have been given a bowl of ice. As well as their usual water source 
Now I can leave them and know they will bare fine until I get back 
Then I'm betting we will all have a huge water fight!
Enjoy your day everyone
Merry Christmas 
See ya xxx



  1. Well, you did what you could. Is that degree of heat rare where you are (even here in America's relatively cool Pacific Northwest, it wouldn't rate as extreme heat).

    I had to go to a site to get 30C converted so I could understand how hot it actually is down there (it comes out to 86F).

    1. It was 30 in the morning. It was close to the 40's by mid afternoon