Friday, December 30, 2016

Treating myself

Today I got myself a great treat
I've always wanted a hammock 
We had one years ago that we had strung between two poles but I wanted one I could move around and if 
I really wanted I could take anywhere 

Well I found this today at Aldi
Yup. My favourite store!

It had this little panel and even though in the past, this has been an outright lie I decided I'd 
Give it a go 

It really was easy and took no time at all
So now I'm blogging in my new hammock. Enjoying the breeze
All I need now is someone to keep giving me drinks!
See ya xxx


  1. Clever girl!! I'd love one of those. Looked at them last summer but a bit too expensive . On the wish list. Why a double hammock? Does it fit two people. Would be a bit close for comfort lol

    1. That's all they had.
      So it's nice and roomy to just chill

  2. Luxury indeed - yes, drinks and snacks on tap would definitely be nice. Enjoy :D)

  3. That's fabulous Angela! Good old Aldi 😃