Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Anzac Day 2017

Today is ANZAC Day. A day we all remember a dark day in our history when two fledgling nations were tested and 
Although lost a battle forged their identities 
These two nations australia and New Zealand are forever connected by these bonds of mateship and endurance 

For us today we reflect on what this means and say thank you to all those that have served and are serving to preserve our freedoms 

Today I'll watch the services on television and this afternoon we will watch the traditional Anzac Day class between my footy team and Essendon 
And I'll continue doing what I always do 
I've started a skirt for Melody. I don't have a pattern. I'm going to wing it and see how it goes I've started it with a pattern edge and I'll continue in just plain until it's done 
The grey cardigan was just a tad short. She is going to be tall like her dad we think. So I undid it and added another repeat of the pattern edge 
The weather is rainy and bleak today. So lamb shanks are in the slow cooker 
It's wonderful living the simple life. A choice we made many years ago
And now that  we are getting older. Although our bodies are not as strong as they once were. 
We are greatful for what we can do. 
Have a lovely day where ever you are 
Lest we forget! 



  1. It's important to remember those who stood by us. (You)
    Melody is such a lucky little girl!
    Your meal looks delicious!

  2. I'm making Anzac biscuits today. My cousin in Wellington emailed me about the dawn services there. Made me very homesick . The last time i was at a service must have been when I was a girl guide!