Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time for a new machine

Here is my faithful washing machine. I honestly don't remember when we bought her. But it's been years
The other day while doing a load of towels she started to make horrid noises 
Sounded like metal on metal grinding 
I quickly turned her off and restarted her. After checking the balance of the load 
That wasn't the problem. I restarted her and the same thing happened. 
I prayed she would last till the end of the cycle and she did 
Hubby came to give her a look over and pronounced her terminal!
It was not a good day

So off we went with the money that I had saved, for a rainy day!
And looked at th machines in our budget 
I wasn't going to get one as big as our last machine, she was a 10kilo
But we found this baby. She was the last one, floor stock and was priced over a thousand dollars originally 
That was over budget. BUT
as she was the last she was reduced. And hubby got even more off because she was floor stock and had scratches on the lid 
So she was well and truly under our budget!
So another 10 kilo washer for me! 
She has already washed two loads of washing including my bedding today 
She is very quiet and efficient 
As for the old girl. She has been relegated to scrap metal
She will be recycled 
A fitting end to an old work horse 
See ya xxx


  1. Send your old one over here (post paid lol) and we'll add it to the others left in the backyard!

    Love those top loading down under machines. Bet the cycle only takes 20 minutes as well, unlike our hour and a half cycles. Takes half the day to do the washing.

    1. You wouldn't want her. She was not sounding healthy at all

  2. Pretty! I just recently had to get a new washing machine and went from a five to a ten kilos one. And omg. Life is so much easier now. For one I don't have to wash the beddings in the bath tub with my feet like I am making wine!!!

    1. I had a mental image of you dancing in th bathtub lol yes much easier

  3. My washer is about 9 years old - it shouldn't be on its last legs, but I think it is. Washing machines are a major purchase and take more than a chunk of change! I hope your new one gives you good service!

    1. They are just not made to last these days

  4. I also wonder the the "Whisk" her name also. Hope she works out well with you.
    Coffee is on

  5. Happy whisk peppy lady. I haven't named her. Any suggestions?