Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter 2017

Here is the traditional lamb on the spit for Easter. Everyone was eagerly waiting for it to be ready for us 
To eat  it smelled yummy 
The whole family congregate at my parents place to feast and swap eggs

Here is my dad with Melody and Tyler. His two great grandchildren 
My two nieces are both expecting around August so soon there will be even more 
To love and cherish and eat lamb with 
But for now that's Easter done for another year 
Hope you all have an enjoyable Easter with your family and friends 
See ya xxx


  1. So glad you had this special time with your family. These are the blessings of Easter.

    1. Very true. Hope you had a lovely Easter xxx

  2. Amazing family get together with so many generations! Glad your day was a good one. The lamb looks well roasted. Ours disappeared which surprised me. There are usually far more leftovers.
    Christos Anesti

    1. Alithos anesti! Same here. No left overs at all lol
      Need a bigger lamb next year

  3. Your Easter sounded lovely Angela... the lamb looks great, no wonder it all went! Cheers :D)