Monday, April 3, 2017

Plastics cupboard

Yes folks. That dreaded cupboard that you throw things in and quickly shut again 
Where lids multiply but the actual containers go in and are never found again
I've been procrastinating for weeks!
So today I decided. Was the day!

This is the part I don't like. Everything out and all over the floor. Anxiety levels go up and I think omg 
What have I done! Cleaned the shelves and took a deep breath. 
Put on some music and I was brutal!
Threw out all my ice cream containers, old yogurt containers and anything that didn't have a lid 
A huge big green bag worth. 
I even had those pump water bottles. Everywhere! 
And here it is all done. 
Nice, clean and organised 
My son popped in at exthe right time and I asked him to take the green bag to the huge dumpster at the workshop 
Just in case I panicked and "saved" some of the Junk I had thrown out!
So all done now
Panic subsided and calm has returned. 
Lots of room to buy some new plastics. Don't you think? Lol
See ya xx


  1. Brave! I need to do that and make sure it's garbage day so I don't cave.

  2. Good on you. Very cool to see these photos. Last year I ditched/donated 95 percent of my stuff and haven't missed anything.

    How was your stress level the next day when you looked in your cupboard? Did you smile big? You did great work.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.