Saturday, April 8, 2017

No pressure

This morning I went off to bunnings to get some seedlings for the winter vegetable garden 
As spotlight is righ there I also decided to pop in there. 
There was nothing in particular that jumped at me so I left empty handed 
Then I though well lincraft is just a short walk away  and I need to keep my steps up 
So I headed off 
Wasn't really expecting to find anything 
But then I saw this. 
Isn't it beautiful. It called out. Angela. Buy me!
So I bought three balls and decided I definitely needed a shawlet for dinner tonight! 
Yup I came home quickly did my daily chores and got stuck in 

Here is wonderful teddy modelling my finished shawlet 
It's the perfect colour for autumn, don't you think?
So now I'm ready to go out to dinner. Finished it with half an hour to spare. Plenty of time to get myself ready lol
Enjoy your Saturday night
See ya xxx


  1. LOL. I can see why it said buy me. It is beautiful!

  2. That yarn was an excellent choice for fall. Lovely!

  3. Love the colour. Well worth those extra steps. Wonderful pattern. Heavens you work fast!!