Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Making memories

Today we decorated my trees 
I had put them up over the weekend and Diane came over to help me put the lights up 

Then she had to go 
But it was all good. As I had melody to help 
And what a great little helper she was 

Here she is helping Diane with the lights. Making sure they don’t get tangled up 

Trixie was quality control lol 

And here melody is out some baubles on the tree. She loved it as you can see by the huge smile on her face 

There was plenty of time to play too 
These two love each other so much. 
It’s just wonderful to see them together 

And here are the finished trees 
Not as good as Diane 
But I’m sure they pass
And I’ll get better. Plus I’ll add to the stash so I won’t have as many gaps 

So I’ve made a huge dent in the decorating 
One week until my medical procedure 
So at this rate I’ll be up to date and I’ll be able to recuperate
Amongst all my festive do dahs lol 

See ya xxx 


  1. Your tree is beautiful and how nice to have helpers. Good luck with your procedure.

    Julie and Poppyq

  2. I agree, that tree is gorgeous! I am crazy about Christmas trees. Well all of Christmas really! From Christmas puddings to card making and decorating. I’m hoping I feel well enough to put our huge tree up this year.

    I hope whatever you are having done next week goes well and you are able to chat both on Facebook and here! Much love Susan in Portugal! 💓💓💓

  3. Sending healing wishes your way and the tree looks good........

  4. The Xmas tree is wonderful. All the best with your procedure