Wednesday, October 23, 2019

A glorious day

And productive too 
The day started very foggy but it soon turned into a beautiful sunny day 
Sheets on the line 
And I got stuck in 
The back gardens had suffered. 
They were all overgrown with weeds and there were dead plants everywhere 

With a little, lots!  Of help from terry I upended the bigger pots and cleaned them out 
If any potting mix could be saved. But mostly it was all old and needed to go 
Full of weeds that had matted and it was just too hard to clear them out 

We weeded and pruned and pulled out all the plants that could be saved 
And got myself a clean slate 

Once that was cleaned up off I went to bunings with hubby 

I got six bags of potting mix
Lots of punnets of seedlings 
And home again to begin 

This was one I saved. I emptied the pot. Saved the plant and repotted 

I rejuvenated the soil in these and planted them with cuttings I had taken last year. 
Well not the middle one. I bought that one. It was white. I don’t have any white 
Pig face type plants. 

But the ones on either side I grew over winter. 

Seedlings were planted in these pots after removing the dead plants and most of the potting mix. I mixed in new 
Potting mix and planted them out 

This was the worst. I’m actually sorry I didn’t take a before shot. 
Then you would see just how much work was done here 
But it’s looking much better now. 
Tubs were topped up with more potting mix 
Plants were saved if they had to come out to get the weeds out 
Yup. It was that bad, and replanted 

All finished pots then got a cover of mulch to help keep them from drying out over summer 
And well watered in. 

The next couple of days it’s going to be warm but then we will get another lot of cold and rainy days 
Which is fine. They will all need the water 

I still have many pots I need to fill and plant out 
But I’ve run out of potting mix 

And I’m pooped 
I’ll leave that for tomorrow 
I’ll get another dose of vitamin D 

It was lovely to be outside and busy 
Hope you can get to spend a little while outside too 
See ya xxx


  1. All those beautiful flowers.
    Coffee is on

  2. Wish we had a Bunnings!
    You did a lot of work. The flowers are a real burst of colour. Hope you get a little rain now

  3. So jealous of your weather!! The flowers look amazing! It is cold and rainy here in Western PA

  4. They're all looking great Angela. You've worked hard. Yes, some more rain will be welcome indeed :D)