Monday, October 7, 2019

A painful few weeks

Three weeks ago. I threw my back out bringing in firewood 
And as usual. I never do things by half and was in excruciating pain. 
I babied it and slowly stretch it as much as I could 
And finally just as it was getting to a point that I could bear it 
I got a bout of gastro 
If you have ever had a sore back. You know bending is pretty hard 
So having to Bend over and throw up is painful enough 
But when you run out of stuff in your tummy. The dry retching is even worse! 

Not to mention, the running to the loo for the other delightful symptom of tummy bugs! 
Enough to said about that. 

Anyway. The gastro has pass, but the back is still pretty painful 
I have an ouchie massage appointment tomorrow, hopefully it will be fix then 
Hopefully I’ll be on the road to wellness again after that 

The biggest problem of the last three weeks is the mental side effects 
Not being able to sleep, makes you tired and cranky anyway 
But add the pain, and the gastro and you feel totally washed out 

I hadn’t be able to leave the house for well over a week 
So no swimming, no walking and not interaction with friends 
Not a good combination for mental health issues 

Depression and anxiety have been at record levels and the little voices in our head 
That tells us all the bad things like 
Your lazy, fat unlovable was absolutely screaming at me 

The only silver lining was the fact that I finished all the 198 squares I needed to make the two blankets 
And I’ve even finished stitching one whole blanket. 
Once the second one is stitched I’ll crochet the boarders 

Once again. I didn’t swim this morning. 
But I did make it to coffee with the girls 
Baby steps 
And as the weather slowly gets nicer I might even be able to go outside and get me some free 
Vitamin D 
But for now. I’m going to sit inside, listen to my audiobook and start stitching the second blanket 
Hope all is well in your world 
See ya xxx 


  1. Sorry about the pain, not fun at all.
    Hope you enjoy your time with the girls and coffee

  2. Horrendous! Thank goodness you're getting better. Three weeks is a long time to suffer as you did.
    Sending you all my best wishes!!!

  3. It's maddening how one thing going wrong in life can affect others. May your recovery be swifter than you anticipate.

  4. Sorry you hear you have had a run of bad luck with your health. Hopefully you will be fully mended and enjoying life real soon.

    The blanket is really pretty, quite an achievement!

    Rest up while you can and happy stitching.