Sunday, October 13, 2019

Bathurst weekend

It’s Bathurst weekend and the eight hour race has begun 
Hubby and I went swimming this morning and then did a quick grocery shop before getting home in time for the big start

Don’t ask hubby to do anything for the rest of the day! 

Me. Well I finished my butterfly square blankets yesterday and they have turned out 
Nicely I think 

I had one square left so I’ll just add rows to it until it’s a nice size for a baby blanket I think 
I’ll use up the odds and ends of my carron cakes 
I think it looks ok 

I have some ideas for my next projects but as I’m going to give them away as Christmas presents I won’t be able to show you 
But for now 
I’m just relaxing, watching the race with hubby and feeling much much better than I have in weeks 
Enjoy the rest of your weekend 
See ya xxx


  1. Yeh, you're out and a out again.
    Beautiful blankets. A lot of work. Can't imagine having to sew in all those ends loo

    1. No ends. I did it as I finished each square.
      Makes for an easier life lol