Monday, October 21, 2019

Faking it till I feel it

It’s supposed to be spring, right? 
Well it hasn’t felt very springlike and I’ve been hiding inside 
But the garden needed attention 
So Hubby started a few weeks ago with the weeding and I’ve been cutting the overgrowth back 
I usually plant annuals in the front pots. But Yesterday I cut back the pig face and I just shoved some cutting into the pots. 
I’m hoping the grow lush over the pots and make a spectacular display 

Today I visited bunnings and continued the theme of succulents and have planted the hanging 
Pots with a variety 

The summers are getting extremely hot now. And as the front of my house faces west
This area gets burning hot! 

So succulents have a much better chance of serving these days 
Fingers crossed 

And as I’m getting more decrepit as I age. I’ve decided agains garden beds 
I’m just going to plant this area out with bushes 
Hubby will have to wiper snip for a little while but I’m hoping as the bushes grow they will block put the sun 
Enough to stop the weeds 

I’ll slowly add bushes over the next 12 months or so. That way I’ll hopefully have something flowering at every stage of the year 

And the rose garden 
Those wonderful roses came back again! 

Maybe I can call myself a gardener now. I haven’t killed them in well over ten years lol 

Some are not that old. But there originals are still there. 

Now. Maybe Mother Nature will get the hint and start the spring process happening 
Still have more pots to revitalise 
But I’ve made a huge dent 
See ya xxx


  1. Ha, know how you feel about the roses. I'm never sure if they'll grow again after my pruning. They're looking good.
    I just expect a garden dust bowl by the end of summer. The only things that survive are in the front garden where I drink coffee and water every morning. The aloe Vera just dried up and died this summer and so did the geraniums at the back. Everything needs so much water it hardly seems worthwhile.
    Good luck with yours and roll on spring!!!
    Our autumn is magnificent. Perfect for holidaying. Loads of Germans think so anyway

  2. It's been cool here too lately with only about 10deg overnight. I don't have a green thumb so I think you are doing awesome.

  3. Thanks ladies. I’m a sucker for punishment. So I keep trying