Sunday, October 20, 2019

Brain glitches, and strange rashes

Hello all 
I know you all think I’m very clever with my crochet but I’m here to tell you I’m really not 
The above pic is a big doily I’m making for my mother’s Christmas present 
It’s ok. She’s not on the net lol 

Anyway I was happily crocheting along. Thinking how easy is this pattern, until I had to start to decrease 
One of the triangles wouldn’t work no matter what I did 
So I looked down, down, down, till I found the problem 
See the hook? 
I had put an extra stitch there. 
So it all had to be pulled out! 

The bottom pic is where I finished off
I was not happy but it needed to be done! 

Also the other present I have made wouldn’t sit flat at the ends 
I used a thicker ply and it was fine till the last three rows with all its chains 

So I ripped out those and re did them adding extra stitches. 
It’s now much nicer. 

I had decided to clean up around the dogs couch area outside and as there couch was looking a little worse 
For wear, I had purchased a cover 

I cleanup up all the leaves and took their mat out to dust off and put on the new cover 
Hubby helped and we got it done 

As you know. When your busy you don’t notice things. But afterwards, while ripping out my work I kept itching my arm 
A huge red welt had come up and was slowing getting bigger 

Now as you know. I’m not good with reactions so I immediately took antihistamines 
As it was starting to itch up my arm and little red dots had begun to appear 

My Facebook family advised remedies and I took it all onboard 
This morning it looks much better. And I still don’t know if it was a bite of some kind 
Or me touching a plant that I’ve reacted too 
As I did do some planting earlier in the day 
But I will keep an eye on it, and hopefully by tomorrow at the latest it will be gone 

So you see 
I’m not clever at all 
And I’m kinda accident prone too lol 

Don’t you feel better now you know how silly I am! 
Your welcome lol 
Have a lovely day 
See ya xxx


  1. I pulled out some crochet on. Oh the leg looks painful.
    Coffee is on

  2. Oh how I hate having to unravel! But I'll do it if necessary rather than have a price of work whos appearance annoys me. So much easier with crochet. No darn stitches to pick up again.
    Still love your work! Specially the doilly.