Sunday, August 30, 2020

A slow Sunday

Today the weather has been better than it has been for a while
It was still windy and overnight we had very strong winds

I check the hot house and all pots were still intact so my hard work had payed off 

I don’t normally bring in flowers as I believe if you really love them you will let them bloom in your garden 
But with the winds being as strong as they have been, flowers are not lasting long so I though I might as well bring 
Them in to enjoy 

The lavender, of which There are two varieties, smell lovely 
The daisies are blooming wonderfully

I even brought in some Camilla flowers. So I have them floating in bowls of water 

Hubby spent the day cleaning up right out the front. 
He had been putting things that needed to be thrown out and things that needed to be stockpiled until he 
Found a permanent spot for them 

And after getting rid of it all he mowed the grass 
The good thing about all this wind is the ground is drying out 

It looks much better now and the smell of mowed lawn is the smell of spring I think 

So life is ticking along 
We have had video calls from our granddaughters and that always is a bright moment in our lives 

Hopefully soon we will be able to hold them again 

The day is staring to get grey again 
Hopefully we won’t get too much more rain 
How your weather? 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. Hope your pots stay upright from now on ftoo ftoo ftoo
    I don't like cut flowers inside. I prefer to admire them where they're growing. You didn't have any choice lol
    How is Melbourne doing now? We don't hear much about you any more.
    Still hot here and hotter tomorrow but next week we go down to 'human level' temps.
    Thank goodness for technology so you can see your granddaughters.
    How's the crocheting going?

    1. You could feel spring in the air so that’s good
      We are struggling but we are getting there.
      I’ve stopped the crochet and I’m knitting I’ll post about it once it’s done

  2. Oh for the smell of mown grass...... F and Mr T will both go into swoon just dreaming about it!

  3. Replies
    1. I would always have at least a pot if I couldn’t have a garden
      Even if it was a fake one lol