Friday, August 21, 2020

The beginning

It really is a good thing I keep everything 
I have a seed tin and I decided to see what I had 

All these 

And some tomato seeds I saved from a particularly yummy tomato I had grown last year 

 Nothing ventured nothing gain I say 
So I fit some punnets I had saved and some pots 

 And gathered the last of some compost that we had cleaned from our trailer and had left in a little pile for me to use 

And I’ve had a big morning of planting seeds 
After I took this pic I found another pot so I’ve planted three lots of bush beans. There is only one or two seeds per pot. I figured they can stay in the pots and they should grow really well. Once they sprout and have grown a decent size, and weather permitting, I’ll just bring them out and wait to start harvesting 

If they don’t work I’ll try again in a few weeks with the new seed I bought online 

But if it does. Bonus plants 

Wish me luck 
I’ll keep you posted 
See ya xx


  1. I cant wait to see what you manage to grow. You are not wasting any time trying out your new hot house lol! Best of luck xxx

  2. I put a rotten tomato into a pot and half a dozen plants have sprouted. Hope you have good luck with yours