Thursday, August 20, 2020

Getting ready

I got myself a present 
A new hot house 
I’m very excited 
I ordered it on line from amazon on Sunday and it arrived 

I’ve also ordered seeds from diggers. So once they come I’ll be 
Able to get a head start on the spring planting 
I hope 

It’s got shelves on both sides and lots of room for pots 

I can’t wait to get in and get started 

Still in stage four lockdown 
I’m slowly going insane but hanging in there 

Stay safe 
See ya xx


  1. That little hot house is going to ever so helpful with growing Angela.

    So good to hear you are hanging in there. I can imagine you are going a little stir crazy!

    Hope you are getting sunshine to dry up all that water.


    1. Unfortunately we had more rain overnight
      The sun is out now. But we are just so wet it’s going to take at least a month of no rain and lots of sunshine to get it close to dry

  2. Mr T loved our little hothouse like that - made himself comfortable on trays of seedlings - and you can't always keep it zipped tight shut either (so start thinking about a cat-straining device to fit into the doorway - sifts cats out of the flow of fresh air).

    1. Yup. Bella followed me in and didn’t want to come out lol
      But I persuaded her