Saturday, August 29, 2020

Hot house mess

Two nights ago we had very strong winds 
Tress came down all over power went out for many so yesterday I approached the house house wearily 

It was still standing and I silently send out a word of thanks to the universe 

That was until I got inside.

The side shelves had been knocked of with all the flapping of the sides and the seedling trays all over the floor. 

I was guttered 

So I messaged hubby to bring me some cable ties when he got home from  work and I set about cleaning the mess 

I think I was able to save many of the pots. It was lucky I had given them plenty of moisture st and didn’t spill

So today I set about preventing an occurrence 

I cable ties the shelves. I’ll go back and cut off the excess 

This tie has bricked the tent flapped so much so I’ve retired if for now. I will add an extra one fir safety 

I’ve placed planks on with side to hold the tent down. I’ll add a couple of bricks to just be sure 

I’ve re seeded watered and set up again 
It’s these little things that can set you back and break your heart. But a gardener always tries again. 

Still waiting on seed delivery from diggers so I’ll be able to 
Replace what I ran out off seeds for

Stay safe and well
We still have a few more weeks of stage four lockdown to go

See ya xx


  1. Ooohhh noooo was the first thought that surfaced. Then 'good on you'. Shit happens, life goes on. Pleased to see you had the resourcefulness to sort it out. Our tent like that succumbed right down one corner to Mr T's determined efforts to 'unzip' it so he could get into the banned place.