Tuesday, August 11, 2020


Today’s lesson from nature is never give up 
I thought that no cuttings had struck in this pot. I was going to just throw it out 
But I then heard a little voice say. Just wait 
So I did and look 
A hydrangea has struck 
It’s still only a baby but it gives me hope 

Black pots have hydrangeas 
And the red pot has grape vines 
The vines are from the Greek island of Samos 

I’ll repot them and give the hydrangeas to my daughter and the vines to my dad 
I might keep the little one and plant that in my garden to always remind me 
No matter what
Just hang in there it will all be ok 

Still in stage four lockdown 
So this little miracle has brighten my day 

Stay safe and well
See ya xx


  1. The best of luck with the vines. A wee bit of the patrida.
    I tried rooting hydranga cuttings but they didn't take. I'll try again

    1. Dip the cuttings into some honey apparently it helps

  2. One of the very few places that I go is to walk rapidly through a nursery to look at their distressed plants, there being a great joy in saving that which would have otherwise died.