Wednesday, August 5, 2020

My knitting adventure

I decided I was going to knit some dishcloth patterns I had in yarn 
I’ll sew them together and make a baby blanket 

Sounds like a simple plan, doesn’t it? 

Well not for me. It’s NEVER that simple 

This is the first square. A cute puppy who I’d like to think is a poodle 
But I digress 

This is the set up 
The black line helps me keep track of which row I’m following 

Here I mark off the rows as I complete them. So I know where I’m up too 
As I just could never quite learn to count the rows. 
Others more clever than I probably can. But this works for me. 

Insert first complication 
Little miss wants cuddles. And when she wants them she will barge through whatever I have in my hands to get them 
She will wait patiently for about a minute or two and then she takes what she wants 

So of course I hurried to finish the row. Gave her her cuddles and then put her down and continue 

I had stitched something wrong 
I un- knitted the row and continued
But things were not lining up 

I counted the stitches I had followed 
Yes I did knit one Perl one then five Perl’s then whoever many of the rest of the combo 

I battled on trying to get it to work 
That was a huge mistake 
The rows were getting all muddled up 

So I left it 
I was flummoxed 
I slept on it overnight 
And today it hit me 

I counted the stitches on my needles and in all the knitting and unknitting I had an extra stitch 

Eureka. I had found it 
Seriously folks I felt like I had split the atom 

So I ripped it out going back to a mark I could recognise and knew which row it was and started again 

It wall worked out. Every row 

Until I finished the dog 

I looked and yup. I hadn’t gone back far enough 

His tail is not right 

But other than that he looks like a puppy 
Or so I like to think 

I wasn’t going to rip it all out again 
I’m just going to tell the story of the naughty puppy that got his tail caught in the door and let it go at that 

I’ve got a few more animals that I’m going to make 
Hopefully I’ll not make the same mistake 

Who knows I may rip it all out and do it again 
I’ll see 
But for now he is staying as he is 

My goodness what a couple of days 
And I thought this was going to be fairly simple lol 

Stricter restrictions are now in force in my state 
I won’t be venturing out much at all 
So at least I’ll have plenty of time to work on my menagerie 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. What a nuisance, the extra stitch, not Trixie. Pat yourself on the back. Looks great to me.
    I write down my rows like you and cross them off. I do not like row counters .
    We are watching Melbourne. Lots of news coverage here. We are also quarantining but it is self imposed. The first cases have hit the island. Officials aren't saying much but there are over a dozen. Spread by locals, not tourists.

    1. I fear this is going to go on for a long time yet
      At least we will get lots of crafting done.
      Silver lining maybe. Thanks