Friday, August 7, 2020

What’s cooking

Yesterday I tried to make home made pasta for the first time 
I even did the mixing the traditional way 
I didn’t like it. So next time I’ll use a bowl lol 

I didn’t realise just how much this made. 
The pasta was a tad thick and very rustic looking 

If I thought about it I would of halved the dough and kept rolling it out 
I’ll know for next time 

But it did taste really nice. 
Hubby has decided that I need a pasta machine. So we will get one as soon as lockdown is over 

But I will try again 
I’ll only make half the recipe 
I use Jamie Oliver’s recipe 

I enjoyed making the pasta. 
If I’m going to eat carbs. I really should at least have a work out making it 

What new recipe or crafting are you learning in this strange and abnormal year? 
Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. I thought I'd take up a new skill but nope, not happening for me. I work at the hospital though so we carried on working through our lockdown.

    Your pasta looks great. Hope your lockdown passes quickly.


  2. I have yet to try out making pasta {I have a pasta machine, still new in box}, but it is coming soon.

    Your pasta looks yum! A good skill to learn.

    I have been mending holey jeans to make way for making more masks for us and other family members. I think we might be needing them very soon...

    I have a new recipe I am trying out for sourdough tonight. Tomorrow I get to bake and taste it.

    Soap making is on my list to try. I have all the ingredients so will get to that shortly too.

    Enjoy your weekend, even though you are in lock-down. Hope the numbers start improving from here on so your life can return to some sort of normality.


  3. Does yoga count as a skill or craft? There are a few printmaking crafts I'd like to try but a class in them would be the most desirable way to get started and .... well you know how it goes. Maybe 2021.

  4. We have a pasta machine but mine nearly always comes out too thick. Needs a lot of practice I think. But oh so delicious. The aged aunts make makaroonas by hand and theirs are always light and so thin. Takes about 80 years I reckon till you can get to their standard.
    Keep rolling.