Saturday, October 23, 2021

Hat parade

Our first model is Anastasia wearing her lovely orange bonnet 
It’s a tad big but I’m sure she will grow into it 
Doesn’t she look lovely 

Our second model is teddy 
He’s wearing a scrappy hat made from another pattern 
It did quite work and then measurements have to be tweaked 

But he loves his new hat and wears it proudly 
Grandma did have fun making it for him lol 

It’s the weekend 
And once again we have had a bucketful  of rain

Too wet to work outside 
So inside we will stay and fine things to do to pass the time 
The fire has been relit
So at least the washing will dry quickly 

Stay safe and well 
See ya 


  1. It’s moving on from here so I’m hoping for a drive to Healesville later today….this is the treat I’m looking forward to now we’re allowed to go further from home.
    And talking about treats, your little Anastasia Is looking a real treat in her new bonnet. She should be getting treats for sitting still long enough to get her piccie taken

  2. She adorable. It been raining off on all day. Look like we got pretty wet week coming up.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. She's looking stylish in her bonnet. Well done and beautiful. As for Mr Bear, Tigger wants to know how you accommodate the ears (cats have the same issues). xxx Mr T

    1. The hat is extra large so it fits perfect on him

  4. Anastasia is just the cutest bunny ever! Much cuter than your other model. She's the perfect model