Wednesday, October 13, 2021


Today the last of the beetroot and leek was pulled out and processed to make way for 
The next crop 

These little bags have chopped up leek, I’ll freeze them and use them in stews and soups

Vegetable seedlings have been hard to come by 
A friend of mine found some and bought extra for me 
She even did a contactless drop off on her way home 

I left the money and a bottle of lemoncello for her as a thank you 

Hubby came home from work early and together we got the new plants into the ground 

You can’t see but the seeds I planted under the mini hothouse, made from drink bottles,
Have started to germinate 

I had three empty wicking beds so I planted the new tomato seedlings in those 

This is perpetual lettuce. I’ve been harvesting and eating fresh salad for weeks 
They need a good hair cut so I’ll keep eating them to help them grow 

Tonight we have beetroot salad, I’ve boiled up the small bulbs and green tops
We also have roasted beetroot and leek with chicken 

Hopefully our coming harvest is as abundant as our winter crop
It was so lovely to have a good friend who was able to source the vegetable seedlings
I’m so blessed to have so many good friends 

All that work has worn me out 

Hope your all safe and well 
See ya xx 


  1. Fabulous garden, F is soooo jealous. We get good fresh food here but there is nothing like growing your own.

    1. It really is lovely to just go out back and see what’s for dinner
      When my children were little they would take a basket and say they were going shopping in the backyard
      Strawberries snap peas and some Tommy tomatoes never made it into the house lol

  2. Putting me to shame aren’t you Angela:). Hope all your hard work doesn’t get flattened by the heavy rain forecast for the next few days.
    I’m tossing up whether to put tomatoes in or not. The nursery near to us is open - might drive down to see what system he has in place. With click/collect you have to accept what they give you

    1. We got lots of heavy rain overnight and they are all ok
      Well watered in now too lol

  3. And more abundance on its way I can see. You are going to have a load of fresh and healthy summer meals.
    You do have a wonderful garden.

    1. Thank you. Hopefully it all grows nice and healthy and I can share my produce with my children

  4. I like leeks in soups.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  5. That's lovely work you're doing there. I miss gardening, but I can just barely keep the yard mowed anymore, much less plant things. I do have four beautiful clumps of tall "ribbon grass" that grows eight feet tall each year, also several bamboos, and various other shrubs, most of which have the word Japonica in their names.