Thursday, October 21, 2021

Sun bonnet

Ever since I saw the little house on the prairie I’ve wanted a bonnet 
I love the little sun bonnet Sue’s and I’ve actually made a quilt with them 

Today I searched and found this you tube 

I wanted to make sure the bonnet will fit Anastasia for the summer so when I sent the links to the pattern
I asked my son to print them larger 

The problem was I didn’t tell him on the second part of this pattern. 
And as I sent him about four different patterns to print he only increased on the one
He wouldn’t of know they were the one pattern

So when I cut the pieces out and tried to put them together no way was it going to work
So I had to cut an extra piece and join them 
I’ve made a note on the pattern so I’ll remember next time 

Here is the finished bonnet 
You can’t really notice the extra piece. It’s just a small join at the back of the bonnet
The other thing I would do is use a cotton similar to the fabric. But I had nothing 
I just use white or cream while making quilts 

Other than those two little issues I’m happy with it 
It’s perfect for wearing around grandmas house 
I think she will look adorable in it 

Life is moving along
We are coming out of lockdown on Friday with some restrictions 
Hopefully the weather will start to warm up so we can enjoy time outside with our families 

Hope your all well 
See ya 


  1. The thing I’m looking forward to is no restrictions of travel….in Melbourne that is. We were hoping to get up to Echuca soon but I’m sure it won’t be long before that can happen.
    As the beautiful bonnet- all you’ve got to do now is persuade the babe to keep it on her head. Cross that road when it comes!

    1. Right now she keeps her hats on. But for how long…
      Hopefully soon life will get back to some sort of normal. 🤞

  2. It looks fab. There is a similar bonnet pattern on Purl Soho which has a range of sizes on the pattern if you want up to about 2 years I think.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. I’ll try to take a picture today