Sunday, October 10, 2021

Lemoncello #2

The lemoncello I made a while ago was a hit with hubby and with wonderson 
So I was asked to make some more
I didn’t have any more grappa so I bought some vodka 

I didn’t add as much water, as the vodka was under 40% alcohol 
I only used a litre instead of 1.5 
I tasted it and it’s really nice 
But unfortunately it doesn’t go that lovely creamy yellow colour of traditional lemoncello 
It’s a clear yellow

But other than that. It’s just as good 

 If you have never made it. Give it a go
I’m going to try and make some with gin next 

I’m having lots of fun experimenting 

If you do make some let me know. 
Stay safe and well 
See ya xx


  1. Never heard of it
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. It’s an Italian liquor
      It’s very nice indeed

  2. Lemons abound here - we will try it. This year i put all the cherry stones (pitted them to dry for making christmas cake) into some Metaxa (it was all I had in the cupboard - non-Greeks read 'brandy') and that has come out fabulously cherry/almond flavour.

  3. Hiya! I make limoncello. Usually made with the extra strong alcohol like the Everclear grain alcohol available in the USA 120° or better the extra strong grappa that is homemade. However since I now live in Portugal I decided to try the local clear grappa type product called bagaço, also known as aguardente usually when more aged. I’ve made it with vodka too but with both have had to adjust the recipe due to the law changing here meaning only 40° is available! But it’s always turned a beautiful shade of yellow!

    And @Tigger…Metaxa! I don’t like brandy but love Metaxa….and expensive cognac too I discovered by accident! 😂

    1. Forty percent is strong enumerated for me lol

  4. Our limoncello is still standing on the cupboard waiting for us to drink it. It's a really dark colour. Made with raki. Dangerous!

    1. Now winter is coming for you a glass after dinner to warm you up will soon see it gone