Friday, October 8, 2021


Today grandpa came home early to spend time with me
We played on the floor with Trixie 

We played on the PlayStation and Trixie gave me her toy to play with. She placed it at my feet 

Then grandpa fed me some fruit for lunch 

It was really yummy it had blueberries banana and strawberries 

And then I had a bottle with grandma and fell asleep 
I didn’t feel well I’m teething so grandma held me while I slept so she could pat my bottom whenever started to stir. Keeping me asleep for longer 

My mummy came to pick me up and take me home around six. Grandma and grandpa have been relaxing since 

I’m just a pocket rocket full of energy and tired then out
Good thing they love me so much

Stay happy and healthy 
See ya 


  1. She is so sweet, I bet Grandparents spoil her.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. We spoil all the children. It’s just what grandparents do lol

  2. Oh so cute. You can't help but spoil that little sweetheart. Even Trixie agrees

    1. Trixie is so good with her. I’m so happy I’d never leave them alone because ana has a tendency to grab and hang on but the two times she grabbed her ear Trixie didn’t move luckily I was right there