Friday, October 29, 2021

Friday again

Another Friday and Anastasia came to work with her daddy, so she could spend 
Time with grandma 

Unfortunately soon after she arrived our power went out, we were having extreme winds
Lots of trees were going down everywhere 

We needed to keep the hours warm, so grandma lit the fire 
Here we are playing in front of the fire with Trixie keeping Ana safe by positioning herself 
Between the fire and Ana 

Grandpa came to stay with us in the afternoon, so as to give grandma a bit of a rest 
Thankfully the power came back on around three so they could sit and watch 
ABC kids together 

The winds have died down considerably and the sun has come out 
But many homes in the area are still without power 
Hopefully it comes back on soon 

We are now starting a four day weekend 
The Melbourne cup is on Tuesday so we have decided to give the boys the day off on Monday as well 

We are exiting lockdown as of tomorrow 
And I can start swimming again next week 
Life is slowly starting to look normal again 

Fingers crossed it stays like that 
See ya xx


  1. I thought of you in the cold then remembered you had the wood stove to boil the kettle and keep you warm. Little Ana is growing isn’t she
    Do you think life will ever be the same- we can go back to most of our activities but I tend to think well be on edge and cagey about crowds and buildings for a while….or at least I will.

    1. I actually went out today but I asked hubby to drive The roads were packed
      I think the covid shot will be like the flu shot. We will have to have one every year

  2. Thank goodness for your wood fire. And Trixie. She really is Ana's guardian angel. Ana is delightful.
    Hurrah for freedom, and summer weather I hope from now on. It's getting colder here and we will be lighting our fire soon

    1. Still not warm here yet. But we are getting excited
      If your winter is anything like ours was. Expect cold and wet weather. Stock up on fire wood

  3. I bet Grandma and Grandpa spoils her.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. We spoilt all our granddaughters
      But that’s a grandparents job

  4. That shot of Ana and Trixie is just precious. Thank goodness for back up heating. Here's to the lockdown end being a permanent thing.

    1. Oh I really hope so
      It’s been a tough couple of years in Melbourne