Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Dietary restrictions

I’ve been following a low carb diet for a while now 
And usually it’s easy. Some sort of protein and salad and or select veggies 

But that does get a tad monotonous 
Over the weekend I saw a lady make a lasagna and used lots of veggies that i can eat 

It gave me ideas 
So here is my gluten free,  low carb lasagna 

I thinly sliced eggplant and fryer them 
Then I made my sauce using leek and silverbeet from my garden 
Tinned tomatoes and herbs 

Instead of a sauce thicken with flour I broke up mozzarella cheese and placed it all over the top 
It melted and covers it all. 

I haven’t had any as yet but it smells awesome  

I wanted something that I could have as a treat so I made these chocolate chia puddings 
I used low fat milk, and a sugar free chocolate powder 

This is the chocolate I use. I have it when I want a hot chocolate 
It’s sweetened with stevia and monk fruit 
It doesn’t spike your sugar levels and has no carbs

Best of all it tastes like real hot chocolate 
Trying to keep the weight down during lockdown is hard 
Not being able to swim my back is now too sore for me to take long walks
And the medication to help with the pain has a side effect of weight gain 

So being careful with what I eat is really important 
Not to mention my digestive issues I have from the fibromyalgia 
Which means if I eat the wrong thing I end up in even more pain
And stuck in the bathroom

Hopefully hubby will like these and I’ll make them again 

Hope your all well 
See ya  


  1. It reads like a vegetarian moussaka. I hope it was as tasty as the picture (and you description of the scent) suggested.

    1. It had lots of vegetables but I did use meat for the sauce.

  2. These special diets make so much hassle in our lives but it seems we don't have much choice, especially in your case. You have to be extra careful what you eat. Hope the lasagne was as tasty as it sounds. And wish we could get that chocolate. I could do with one of those now and again.
    I have been following the starch solution. I'm always up to following a new fad. I've lost a few kilos and of course feel better but it isn't easy when your other half doesn't follow it as well. I'm managing to avoid meat and most dairy and he cooks for himself now and again. Hurrah
    Good luck Angela with your regime and your recipes.

    1. Hubby really loved the lasagna so I’ll be making it again
      He’s lost weight as well so it’s good for him too
      Although he doesn’t have the medical reasons to avoid some foods so he does still eqt those