Sunday, February 12, 2023

Crop swap

This morning I went to a local crop swap. 
What a lovely bunch of people I met. 
There were so many different things not just produce, as everyone’s gardens have 
Not done so well this year. But lots of plants and cuttings. Odds and ends and fresh baked goodies. 

I took some herbs, empty pots, a few plants I had struck and some bowl cosies I had made 
Specifically for the crop swap 

I came home with different plants 
Cuttings for more plants 
And some rose hips. 

So on the left there is apple and rosehip jam and on the right 
Apple and rhubarb, from my garden, jam. 

To prepare the rosehips you have to split them and take out the seeds 
To save them going down the sink I had them all in a container 

Now you all know me. I can’t just throw things out. 
So I’ve filled a polystyrene box with compost and soil and I’ve put it in the garden where it will get sunshine and and water 
And tossed them all in 

Who knows. In 12 months time I might have a rose bush or two 
Nothing ventured I say. 
I’ll let you know. 
Meanwhile hubby said he will grab a loaf of bread and once the jam is cool he’ll give them a taste test 
He’s so good isn’t he.  Always willing to take one for the team 


  1. What a guy! Always up to be the guinea pig in a good cause. The jam looks wonderful. Nothing better than homemade.

    1. Well the Rosehip and apple jam is almost gone. They were little jars but he loved it that much. I have to admit I had a few slices of toast too. It was yummy

  2. I don't think we have anything like that.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. A really lovely lady organised it and it’s growing every month. Maybe once you retire you can organise something like it.

  3. At least he didn't complain because you hadn't baked fresh bread!
    Apple and rosehip jam sounds tasty.

    1. Oh he wouldn’t complain or he would pay dearly for it lol
      It was really yummy.

  4. Rosehips syrup was a childhood favourite, perhaps I should try some in jam too. Crop swap sounds like a great community-glue idea.

    1. I wonder if you could just use Rosehip syrup and add it to the stewed apples. That would be way easier than cleaning all those little berries

  5. Lolol..."take one for the team"...
    Send some this way! I 'wanna be on the team as well!
    Never knew that about rosehips!

    1. He’s a good egg. I only had enough for one small jar of jam and after yesterdays effort there is only a little bit left

  6. Replies
    1. I used to make lots of jam. But not so much now.
      It is nicer than the bought stuff