Wednesday, February 15, 2023


The seeds have sprouted. Well some have. I’ve over sown but that’s ok. I’ll transplant the biggest and strongest and continue growing them out until the white butterflies have all gone. 

The weather has been very confusing and now I’m finally getting some cucumbers we have harvested one already 

And it looks like we will get a few more at least 

I replanted the strawberries into bigger pots and they’re taking off again 

More fruit to enjoy 

We also planted  the mulberries into the ground 
And this one had started to produce more fruit 

The tomatoes are finally starting to ripen and we have been eating them fresh   Next year I’ll only plant the smaller varieties. The bigger ones are not doing well at all 

The other bonus is fruit fly don’t like the little ones so that’s a good option if you live in a fruit fly area 

Eggplants are  finally fruiting 
We might have a batch of ratatouille coming soon 

Of course the zucchini are still winning 
Definitely gold in the garden olympics 

So as you can see. Summer is making a bit of a comeback. 
Who knows how long it will last. But I’ll keep harvesting while I can. And raising the seedlings for the next crop

I do need to get them into the ground by the end of the first week of may.
Because there is something special happening after that 

Stay tuned. All will be revealed when we get closer 
Happy gardening 


  1. Your harvest just goes on and on. Endless zucchini, I see!

  2. Cool that your seed sprouted
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  3. Red flowered strawberry! That's new to us. We have only seen white flower ones.

    1. Yes it’s unusual. But it does make yummy sweet strawberries

  4. Summers not over yet!! I found the smaller cherry tomatoes did much better than the bigger ones. However last year the harvest was dismal.
    Unlike your bountiful plants!

    1. In thirty years of gardening I’ve never had a worse year of tomatoes
      But we will keep on trying.

  5. My tomatoes were pitiful here in central Texas, as well. You've harvested some nice bounty!

    1. It seems to be all over The weather has been crazy and it’s affecting food production which is kinda scary really

  6. Interesting comment about the fruit fly and little tomatoes. I will never plant big ones again.