Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Plan B

Because my tomato and pepper harvest was not as it usually is. I decided I would buy a box of each to process. 

They were not exorbitant and I think they will just start going up from now 

Ten kilo box of tomatoes $35.  These tomatoes were for sale at &4.50 a kilo so I saved a dollar a kilo 

Forgot to get a pic of the banana chillies but it was only $20 for about ten kilos. 
They were on their  way out and I probably had a kilo of waste. But as they’re around $9 a kilo I still was in front 

The zucchini I had sliced so it went into the dehydrator along with some tomatoes 

Chillies and tomatoes were cooked up and frozen. My MIL makes this and adds feta cheese. I’ll add the feta when I defrost and heat up. Hubby loves it so I make it for him 

I also made a big jar of pickles  

This is ratatouille with tomatoes, chillies, zucchini, the last of the onions and oregano from the garden 

Three tubs for winter dinners from the slow cooker 

Second lot of tomatoes in dehydrator 

First lot now in jars with basil for the tomatoes and oregano for the zucchini 

If you can grow what you need. You can buy in bulk when in season and the prices lower   
It probably ends up being on par with growing although fresh from the garden dies taste better. 

Fresh home grown herbs added will make the final product taste just as yummy I say 


  1. I'm so impressed with your cooking and preserving. There are some great meals there. Thanks for all the pictures, too

    1. Thank you. I learnt it all from books and the internet. It was how I was able to balance the budget when we were younger, with a mortgage, bills and raising children. Now I just do it because it’s a habit lol

  2. I bet your kitchen smell great.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

    1. It really did. Especially with the fresh herbs

  3. The briam looks scrumptious. You're going to have a tasty winter be whatever the weather is like outside

  4. There is a great satisfaction in 'no waste' preserving and freezing and so on isn't there? I couldn't imagine literally throwing money in the bin by ditching excess at the height of the productive season and then buying fruit and veg in the winter. Enjoy your your exploits.

    1. So much food get thrown out. It’s almost criminal
      At the very least compost it so it’s not filling our tips and it becomes useful