Saturday, February 4, 2023

The end

My new dehydrator arrived yesterday. So I was able to cut up the remaining tomatoes from the box plus a few from my garden 

It looks smaller, but it’s the same diameter just less room between the sections. There are five shelves 

I put them on first thing this morning and they had been on all day. 

Finally just an hour ago I put them all into these three jars. 
That’s how much moisture they loose. 
I added my basil from the herb garden.  Topped them up with the olive oil and boiled them up in a pot. 

As I walked into the kitchen to take this photo I heard one of the jars pop! 
That means it sealed tight. 

I’ve checked them all and they have all sealed shut 
I now how plenty of semi dried tomatoes to enjoy during the winter. 

It was cool again today with rain. All puddles have gone, which goes to show you just how dry it’s been 

Now enjoying a Gin & Tonic
While continuing work on my mosaic blanket. 
A perfect Saturday night for me 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks. Just trying to save a few dollars and eat more healthily

  2. So satisfying, especially when you relax afterwards with a gandt and crochet!

    1. It’s nice to see the pantry getting full again. I’d take a pic but it’s messy lol

  3. Hello from Texas...It's mid Winter here but I really need to get in the kitchen and do some canning...
    Enjoy your warm days!
    Following you!

    1. Hello. I’ve just visited all your blogs. I can’t wait to try a few of your recipes

  4. Hello from the frigid state of Pennsylvania, only for today. Gene is going to have his dehydrator out today to make jerky. A mix of hot sausage and beef.

    1. I’ve not tried making jerky. My son would love me to try. I might have to pick Gene’s brains for some advice

  5. Great preserving! And followed by a good evening of cheer and crochet. As good as it gets.