Monday, February 20, 2023

Feeling stupid

Yesterday I was sitting on this hanging chair when the rope it was hanging from broke 

I hit the concrete hard. The timber dowel then smacked me on the head. 
It hurt. 

I did notice the rope was looking worn but decided to sit anyway 

This is where it used to hang 

As you can see. It’s concrete underneath which has no give at all 

So I kinda sat there for a minute seeing stars while wondering if I was going to be able to get to again 
Hubby tried to help me up but I seriously was a tad afraid he would do more damage so I waved him away and gingerly got up myself 

Today I was gentle with myself in the pool but I have to say I’m feeling very bruised 

So I will get some chain to replace the worn rope
And hopefully it will never happen again. 

I’m such an idiot sometimes 


  1. It really hurts when you hit concrete. I know lol. Thank goodness you didn't do more damage and it was the wooden pole that hit your head.
    Get those chains on and get hubby to test them 😁

    1. They work until they get old and disintegrated
      It’s the second time it’s happened last time was about five years ago. So you wouod think I’d learn

  2. OUCH!! I Know that must have hurt!
    Hope there's no lasting injuries from it...

  3. The self inflicted injury is annoying as well as painful. I hope it feels better soon.

  4. Ouch! I hope you didn't crack your tailbone. I did that once when I fell on icy concrete. May you heal quickly and soon!

  5. There are few things more uncomfortable than a severely bruised tailbone. And all that other jarring that went with it won't have helped. Go easy on yourself. xxx Mr T and F

  6. Thank you everyone. I don’t think I’ve done any extra damage
    I’ll keep swimming and that seems to be helping