Friday, March 31, 2023

Another Friday

Little Ana is becoming very vocal these days. 
She chats away to you all day long. 
Most of which I do understand but some of it I just have no idea. But I’ve lots of 
Practice in faking it. So she’s pretty happy. 
I can’t believe she’s almost two! 

I think we have skipped autumn and gone straight to winter 
It’s cold and wet today. Even the ducks have disappeared 

The last couple of nights we have lit the fire for a few hours before bed, but today it was lit in the early afternoon 
Not even the ducted made it cosy in here. 
I just don’t like artificial heat. Give me a roaring fire anyday. 

It feels like the weeks are flying by
Daylight savings will end this Sunday 
It’s great for early mornings, and I don’t mind the shorter days either. 
Not at the start anyway. 


  1. Try to stay warm! We're heading into Spring/Summer. Tired of nasty Winter.
    Sweet Ana...

    1. It’s perfect for working on that large blanket. It keeps me toasty warm the fire is lovely

  2. How are the chickens liking the change of season? Not so much we assume. We are struggling with 'roaring fire' - too hot, but not warm enough to do away with it completely.

    1. Chickens still laying.
      We will add extra clean warm bedding for them in their home