Sunday, March 12, 2023


This morning I spent some time pulling out the first of the tomatoes and weeding in between the pots 

Looks much better. 
Hubby is going to check the outlets, where the excess water cones out. And then I’ll top them up with compost 
And get them ready for the winter planting 

I’ve slowly stared refreshing the pots and putting them to bed for  the winter. 
The white pot with the gladioli was very overgrown with weeds they had grown from underneath, getting in the drain holes. I had to tip it over, after getting the bulbs out, and using the rake to hook the weeds and pull the out!

It was quite the workout 

I’ve added fresh compost and replanted the bulbs. Covered with mulch and watered well. 

I’m not sure what this plant is but it was very neglected. 
It was somewhere that I had just missed it. When I found it I added it here waiting for some TLC. But I kept forgetting. 

Today I pulled it out. Got rid of the compacted soil around it. Tickled the roots and repotted it.  Good water and it’s good to go. I’ll mulch it and fingers crossed it takes off 

All that wheelbarrow work and the trying to pull out the clumped up soil has exhausted me. 

I think the rest of the day will be spent doing less physical work. 
Hubby went away for the long weekend, but I got a message saying he decided to come home today. 
Which is great. I can get him to start on the overflow valves 
So I can finish those wicking pots and move on to the next section tomorrow 
Enjoy your weekend 


  1. Nothing like fresh tomato from garden.
    Coffee is on and stay safe

  2. That is an interesting plant. Do the leaves smell of anything distinctive?

    1. No. I think my mother planted it. It refused to die so I best look after it

  3. A lot of hard work.. again. But job well done. Clap on the back. Have a good rest

  4. I like your planting system! I'm looking for barrels to do the same raised planting.
    Lots of hard work! Looking good!

  5. It is all still looking really fab in your sunshine.