Tuesday, March 7, 2023


Today is a do nothing day. 
Brought to you by the gale force winds trying to rip my roof off 
And bring down trees 
All night long. 

I’ve had maybe three hours sleep  all up 
In about twenty minutes at a time during the night 

I’m grumpy 
And I’m only half way through my first coffee. 
Approach with care. 

This has been a community announcement 


  1. Caution zone till further notice. I hope at least the roof is still intact.

  2. It was windy but it didn't seem that bad here. But you are quite flat and exposed. At least the humidity has gone. Rest up and avoid all contact.

  3. The roof I’d still on.
    The wind is still blowing but not as bad.
    And I had ana for half a day. So I’ll be in bed very early tonight

  4. Does that 'approach at your own peril' notice apply to you or the koala?

    1. Both I’m thinking. Koalas get pretty grumpy if they’re disturbed

  5. Glad your roof is still on. We've had some real gales this winter and I always wonder whether we'll lose any tiles.
    Hope you're having a relaxing evening, without wind