Friday, March 3, 2023

Today at grandmas

We went outside and harvested the veggies. Those tiny tomatoes were very yummy and Ana Kept  asking for more. 
So once inside she got a bowl full to enjoy 

We spent sometime helping grandpa with the book work 

Grandma bought some sparkly chalk so we had fun creating art 

The dogs were getting in her way so we came  round the front of the house 

Trixie trying to help 

Teddy throwing his 2 cents worth 

Then we helped grandma water the plants   Ana had her own watering can and once empty will call out grandma more and place it on the ground for me to fill with the hose 

Ana has now gone home with her daddy her mummy is in Vanuatu and is hunkering down for their second cyclone this week. 
I’ve spoken to her via messenger and they’re fine with candles, water and food 
Prayers and good thoughts appreciated. 

Now grandma is off to soak in a hot bath with a cold drink 
Can’t believe it’s the weekend again 

Happy march y’all  


  1. Delightful photos. She's a sweetie.
    Vanuatu seems to be getting it in the neck from all directions. Hope she stays safe!

    1. They have no power so she’ll turn the phone on. Do a quick I’m still here post and turns it off again. So far they’re safe and snug

  2. A day in the life of.... I wonder if your blog post will still be available to show Anna when she is in her teens?

    1. My old blog is still there. Nothing really disappears from the net.
      There are lots of post of melody too at the same age.
      I hope all my granddaughters go back and read all the posts on both blogs when I’m gone. That way they can understand their grandma a tad better.

  3. Where do you get sparkly chalk? Grandma deserved that soak.

    1. I got it at Cole’s. Where the office supply area is close to the toys