Monday, March 20, 2023

Can’t help myself

A few weeks ago. I took some cuttings from my oregano and put them in a glass of water and left them  in the kitchen window sill 

You can just see the little roots have formed 

I had some plastic cups from I don’t know when. So decided they would make excellent mini pots 

I went over to the shed and Terry helped me make some holes in them 
And I’ve potted them up. They all have two baby plants except one which has three 

I’ve also got five baby perpetual basil plants in two pots 

The pots with three plants each are for someone special who will pop over Thursday to pick these , and my leek seedlings , up for her garden  

Remember the cabbage seeds. Some have germinated. 
The string did stop the birds scratching them up. They are all coming up at different rates. And one variety is coming up quicker with the other only just starting. So I won’t have to harvest all at the same time 

I love baby plants. So much potential in that little green slip 
And I love making new babies from existing plants. Sharing is caring and I love sharing my babies with others. 

I think I have a disease. But that’s ok. I hope everyone catches it and we can suffer together 


  1. What a fun disease to suffer from!

  2. I know that urge to propagate plants. I usually have a couple started in water.

    1. It’s just so easy really. And very exciting when you see those first little hairs growing

  3. Replies
    1. I learnt from my grandmother. She had a huge veggie garden and was always out there.

  4. Angela you might need to wrap something dark around those cups - most plants' roots don't like to see light and won't grow to the sides of the cup (I tried using cut down plastic milk bottles some years ago to grow some small rhubarb plants - it was a big fat fail - as in they failed to thrive - and my brother who ran a plant nursery at the time explained why). You have great success getting them to root. I should try harder with what is available to us around here.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I’ll remember that. But these won’t be in the cups long. They’re just in there to hand over to others easily If they so happen to be in there for longer I’ll black them out with something. Good to know