Monday, March 6, 2023

What’s cooking

Yesterday, while working very hard outside I decided we needed a quick lunch 
Something simple yet filling. 
So I picked more tomatoes off the vines and got some oregano from the herb garden 

Cooked them up until just soft and added a jar of the roast vegetable purée I made a few weeks ago. 
This is what it looked like. 

Cooked the pasta and stirred through. Added a generous amount of Parmesan cheese and lunch was ready. 
It tasted good. And the left over were eaten today by hubby and wonderson for their lunch. 

Meanwhile today I cooked up some more of the zucchini pickles 
And made a coconut cake, the recipe came up on my newsfeed on Facebook. 
I doubled the recipe and made them in two loaf tins so that should keep the boys happy for a few days at least 

The silverbeet is coming to the end of its long life so I picked the best leaves. 
I also needed to use some eggs as the girls have been busy laying. 
A Greek spinach pie was exactly what Was needed to use them up 

I had a piece with a cup of tea. Delish 

Dinner tonight is chicken and mushrooms. I’ve got it cooking in the oven now 
Hubby got up around midnight to do a few loads in a truck. So he’ll want dinner early 
And he’ll probably be in bed soon after. 

A good day of using up produce to make yummy food for us to enjoy. 
I went to the pool today and did an hour and a half of exercise. 
I think the rest of the afternoon I’ll be working on finishing my socks. 
The burst of energy is now complete. 


  1. Oops O think F deleted the comment rather than publish. It was and expression of admiration for chicken and fungi (or at least admiration od chicken). Xxx Mr T

    1. I do that all the time lol
      The chicken and fungi was a hit again. Not much left at all

  2. Good to see what you make with your preserves. You've been very busy again!

    1. Have to make hay while the sun shines I guess. I’ll rest in winter

  3. Everything looks SO Delicious!! Well done!

  4. Do you want to pop by my place and cook me up some of those dishes? Canada isn't THAT far away from Australia.

    1. I’d love to visit Canada one day. We could have a cook off lol

  5. What great food you make for your family. All if this looks terrific. Especially spinach pie.

    1. Thank you. Even though I cheat and use packaged puff pasty these days. The boys will have it for their lunch today

  6. Thank you. Yes please. The smaller ones are better, like the jam jar size.