Tuesday, June 18, 2013

For snowbrush, clarification.

This is what in australia we call a caravan. I love my caravan and if it was up to me we would only go on the type of holiday that we can take this. No off road just cruising down the open road and staying in parks where you plug in the water and power and relax.
But hubby likes to go off road and Australia is a beautiful country and you would miss a lot of it if you didn't go off road, so we got one of these. It's a camper trailier. It's basically a huge tent on a trailier. But the best thing is there is lots of storage and your bed is off the ground!
I hope this has cleared up what we Aussies call what. We are planning a trip in September to explore the flinders ranges in south Australia. So get your things packed and be ready to come along for the ride! 
See ya


  1. We have had both and called them campers. We took our tent camper to the Grand Canyon and up into Yellowstone, then the Badlands. Gone for two weeks! The hard side camper we took fishing all over Minnesota. Both were great! Now I like the Holiday Inn. :-)

  2. Sounds like you are planning a great trip.

  3. I'm NOT a camper.. like me comforts. Very much looking forward to following you on your next trip.

  4. Nah ... I prefer the caravan. I've been thinking about this being an option for my future. Living permanently in a van. I can go visit everyone when I feel like it. Sue

  5. We bought a caravan nearly three years ago and have only used it once! It just sits in the carport with a cover on. However the camper trailer we have gets used regularly, I prefer this method of camping.

    The Flinder's Ranges hey? I look forward to hearing about your adventures up there. I haven't seen that much of them and I live right here lol. If you are in Port Augusta, do look us up, it would be lovely to meet you and enjoy a cuppa together :)


    1. Tanya I will definitely try to catch up when travelling your way again. xxx