Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Photography Class

 for the past 6 weeks I have been going to a biginners Photography class. Hubby got me a youbeaut camera for christmas and I wanted to learn how to use it and get the best shots. This first photo is one I took and hasnt been edited. I used quite a few techniques we had learnt and im very happy with it.
 The next two are the same photo but the first is how I took it and the second one has been slightly cropped and made into a black and white.

 The next two are the same, the first one is how I took it, I used a long shutter speed to try and get the feel of the movement of the water. The second one is the same shot but its been edited to make it brighter

The course has got the creative juices going, so now hopefully Ill be able to go out and get some great shots. Ill post a few more during the next few days if you like.
We had a ball and got some really freaky photos using light, torches and changing the shutter speeds.
see ya


  1. What is a youbeaut camera? I love the photo's. And so happy you get to take lessons. Fun fun fun. Yea!

    1. Haha Grammy it's Aussie for a real good one lol

  2. You clever girl you ! I have a little digital thing i carry in my hand bag for random shots but i hardly ever use it these days.
    They are great photo Angel a- keep going. !

  3. Sounds great. I can never grasp the finer points of photography, and should learn to use my camera better.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  4. Sounds like fun, I need lessons on my camera...

  5. That sounds amazing! i always thought you take great pictures and especially one you have taken is stuck in my mind. (i think you were on a cruise, at sunrise). Have fun taking many pretty pictures.