Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Monster under the doona

There was something moving around under my doona this morning. It was trying to play with my feet and then started to walk up past my body. I slowly lifted the end of the doona up,fearing for my very life and anxious to see what wild creature had invaded.
Only to see this cheaky face looking at me!


  1. Hahaha - I can tell it is getting real cold as Miss Pops will snuggle under the quilt with me too at night. Bella does have a cheeky chubby face too, what a wee darling.

    Keep warm and toasty.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  2. Oh Bella is way cute! I've missed having Laura inside the last few nights, but we have learnt every full moon she wakes up and runs around like a kitten - Hopefully tonight she will be inside.

    Love Leanne

  3. that puddy tat has you exactly where she wants you !!

  4. Makes me miss my puss. Cheeky! Sue