Thursday, June 20, 2013


It's been our coldest start in Sven years here in Melbourne and here where I live the temp has only just got into the double figures. The fire has been going all day and the chill has been only just kept at bay. The only thing to do is stay in watch some DVDs and do some crafting. It's been hard as this little girl just wanted to snuggle all day. I don't think she like the cold much. 
All my friends in New Zealand stay warm apparently your having some wild weather there yourselves. 
See ya


  1. Frigging freezing up here Angela. I will need a tow truck to get Ruby and Trev out tonight. Stay warm my friend xxx

  2. I think my grey girl is doing what your grey girl is doing too. Witches britches cold here and lashings of wind here in Wellington, hopefully our house doesn't blow away.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  3. She looks quite comfortable. Great time to snuggle down. Too warm here.

  4. aww she looks soo content snuggled up warm. Friend have flown out today in this horrible wind to Melbourne for the weekend. I think they got out by looking on line. Keep warm!
    Love Leanne

  5. Double figures--does this mean that Australia isn't on metric? Often when I'm writing a post, I translate things into metric because I assume that metric is what most of the world uses, although in the case of English speaking countries, I really don't know which are on metric and which aren't.

    1. Yes we are on metric, so we only just got to 10degrees or maybe 11 I can't remember. But it was cery cold. Our winery blast from the south pole is still going!

    2. My gosh, I didn't know it got that cold in Australia!