Friday, June 21, 2013


Waking up today to the shortest day of the year and you are in no doubt that it's winter. These shots were taken at the sun is shining but in the frost is still on the ground.

the cookies are enjoying their hot porridge for breakfast, and the dogs are getting hot milk. That should get their tummies nice and warm.  
I have garlic to plant but I will wait till the supermoon has passed, that way the energy will be directed back into the ground and hopefully I'll get bigger garlic. 
Enjoy your day whatever your doing, and stay happy and safe.
See ya


  1. Neat frost pics! We are on the flip side - heavy dew for the sun to erase.

    Thanks for comment on my blog, but she was a friend who said she would help editing. People do that I guess, to get a free read. I have had it happen a few times and I am a bit bent, that's all. Not a formal rejection at all.

  2. Hello Angela
    White morning over this way as well - its been cold that's for sure. Well we are now going over the hump - so longer and hopefully warmer days are on their way yea!!!
    Take care

  3. Yep, cold again but i have the windows and doors open to air the house out- the firebox makes everything so dusty and the dogs make everything so smelly. The windows wont be open for long though, far too chilly x

  4. Hot milk for the dogs--how sweet--although I don't know if you heated it or if you have cows.

    1. No I don't have cows, just powdered milk mixed with hot water. If I have bread I usually add that to the mix and make them breakfast but I was all out. So they just got milk.