Sunday, April 19, 2020


Christ has risen 

κρίστος ανεστί

It’s Orthodox Easter Sunday 
Usually we would all go to my parents house and have a traditional 
Lamb spit 

But not today 
Today we will just ring and use the traditional greetings and look forward to next year 
Today we will just be glad we are all healthy and happy 

If you celebrate have a lovely Easter Sunday with those you can see
And count the blessing you have 

Stay safe and well 
See ya xxx


  1. Whatever you do today Angela enjoy it.
    Take care - keep safe - tell those you love that you do just that

  2. Alithos o Kyrios.
    We have just had our mayeritsa and cracked a few red eggs.
    Kronia polla

    1. Ps just the two of us tonight. At midnight we waited for the Christos Anesti and then went outside, made the cross over the door.
      The few houses here had all their lights on, someone was down at the tiny little church to going the bell and somewhere far away we could hear crackers going off. It wasn't too bad.
      Happy easter and next year even better

    2. Yes. Much better next year.
      Hopefully soon we can all get out and about again

  3. We are all trying to stay safe, where every we call home

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