Saturday, April 11, 2020

Shared recipes

A fellow  blogger shared a recipe that I thought sounded nice. It used jam and I had this little jar in the back of the fridge for a while so I really need to use it up 

This is the blog post with the recipe 
And here are my rock cakes 

I haven’t tasted one as yet. But they smell wonderful 
If you give them a go post a pic and post a link so we can see them 

Hope your having a nice Easter if your celebrating 
Greek Easter is next week but I don’t see us being able to celebrate then either 
It’s one we will remember for a long time 
Stay safe. Stay well 
See ya xxx


  1. It been ages since I made jelly. And apricot is one of my faves

    1. This had pineapple in it too. It was yummy

  2. Those rock cakes look yum and I have marmalade lurking in my fridge too, so now I have an excuse to use it up.

    Thank you for the recipe.


  3. My brother made a batch too which looked almost as good as yours! That recipe was a hit

    1. It’s going around the glob. Is this the start of world peace lol
      They are a hit and I’ve been asked to make more